Rajitha Disanayaka


Hi! I'm Rajitha Disanayaka,👋

a UI Designer/Developer Passionate
about filling gaps between people and their needs.



I am a UI designer/developer obsessed with solving problems through translating user needs to empathetic design solutions. I am passionate about bridging the gaps between users and their goals, and at the meanwhile, balancing business values and good experiences.

Currently working in the Immunifyme Srilanka as a Trainee Software Engineer,and pursued my Degree in Computer Science(BSC Hons) at NSBM afflicated with UCD.

Main Tools I Use

Adobe XD

I mostly used XD for prototyping, but they got some cool animation features too.. love this tool..💚

Adobe Illustrator

This is another piece of software that i love to work with.. I used Adobe Illustrator as my primary tool for all the tasks.Yes, I do some photoshop work using illustrator.😉 #ALLINONE

Pencil and paper

There is no other tool like pencil and paper. It's the best tool for getting my ideas out by wireframing and sketching.🖊

Where you can find me

Let's have a quick chat about the ways i can help you